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MSA welcomes inquiries for enrollment for all year levels. Our main intake years are Kindergarten and Elementary.

Step 1: Completing an Application

The applicant needs to complete the admission form either by coming to MSA to get one or by downloading it here.

Step 2: Taking a Placement Test

To determine the applicant’s current level of skills and knowledge and to provide us with better understanding on how to deal with the applicant’s needs, a placement test will then be administered.

Step 3: Having a session with the Principal

Next, upon making an appointment, a session with the principal is required. The applicant will have a clear explanation based on the result of the placement test regarding the path to take next.

Step 4: Completing the registration process

The applicant is then required to submit other particulars required.

Morning Star

MSA is affiliated with American Montessori Society to further bolster our programs and commitment to raise and equip students with both hard and soft skills needed to thrive.

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