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About MSA

Established in 2005, Morning Star Academy is committed to produce young men and women of virtuous character and excellence who will be leaders in their communities and for nation.

We believe that every big thing starts small. Every significant cause starts insignificant. Every great invention starts unnoticed. As we focus in the process of education, by God’s wonderful grace, we are painting the future of our students to be at the place of significance.

We believe that no valuable items are mass-produced. Sculptors work on their piece one by one. Painters paint every painting carefully and passionately. Just like every piece of art is unique so is each student. God created each one of them unique. As they are nurtured and challenged to become their best in the calling that God place in their respective lives, we would see leaders being prepared.


The Core of Morning Star Academy is Fides or Faith in Jesus Christ. Centered on Faith, we implement the TRIVIUM model – Veritas (Truth), Bonitas (Goodness), and Pulchritas (Beauty). Simply put, TRIVIUM is the tools of learning that seek to tailor the curriculum subject matter to bring out Knowledge, Ethics, and Perfection from every student.

Core Values

Lordship of Jesus Christ

Everything we build is based on Christian values, with Jesus at the center.

Respect of Others

Students are expected to treat themselves and others including family, authorities, and their community with the utmost respect

Building of Godly Characters

School have been know to train students for certain character traits. (endurance, diligence, obedient, generosity)

Students are equipped with Biblical character traits that will enable them to thrive in this ever-changing world. (attentiveness, courage, determination, diligence, forgiveness, generosity, loyalty, self-control, and wisdom)

Creativity and Excellence

On top of characters we would like to develop creativity as God is creative.
As God is creative, students are expected to explore their creativity, and emerge with excellence for both the process and result


1) To raise students to become leaders that will impact all strings of society .
We partner with parents to build students who possessed godly character, creative minds and strong academic
2) To concurrently work with parents to build students of godly character, creative minds and strong academic competence.

Our vision is to be a Christian institution capable of building lives and impacting nations in a way conforming to the Word of God


“Building Lives Impacting Nations — Building the Nation through Education” Our vision is to instill in each student a passion for education and to assist parents in their mission to develop young minds with a 21st Century Education approach, equipped with Experiential Learning and Digital Learning.

We desire to produce young men and women of virtuous character and excellence who will be leaders in their communities and for this nation.

Morning Star

MSA is affiliated with American Montessori Society to further bolster our programs and commitment to raise and equip students with both hard and soft skills needed to thrive.

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