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MSA Curriculum

Morning Star Academy curriculum implements the cutting edge learning models. The 21st Century learning models that would help students to live as true human beings and to excel in life are chosen as the main engine of the school.









MSA Values

From this educational heart, the MSA curriculum employs the 21st Century Experiential Learning and the 21st Century Digital Learning. The Hands-on and Meaningful experiences must take center stage in the students’ academic learning experience, for those experiences would be the best capital for their learning. The combination of both experiential and digital experience would equip and prepare students to become holistic people that are so needed in this 21st Century. In every educative experience that is translated into the MSA learning activities, the fourfold values of Fides-Bonitas-Pulchritas is the foundational nucleus and goal.

The new MSA curriculum will not educate our students to become robots or to compete with robots and AI, because it is designed to educate humans to be true humans who shall live their best life on earth as the image of God with the highest morality, contributing positively to the world, and being creative and innovative in their work for the betterment of humanity. We are commited to the best education there is.


Kindergarten – Montessori

In Kindergarten (K2 up to K5) we implement a Christ Centered Curriculum seamlessly combined with Montessori.

This goes hand in hand with our aspiration to employ the 21st Century Experiential Learning and the 21st Century Digital Learning. The hands-on and meaningful experiences must take center stage in the students’ academic learning experience, since those experiences would be the best capital for their learning.


We aspire to build the students with the core values we desire by having various curricula seamlessly integrated:
– American Curriculum for English Reading and Grammar
– Singapore Curriculum for Math and Science
– MSA self-compiled material for Bible, Social Studies, and Bahasa Indonesia classes
– Music Plus’s curriculum for Music classes


In this series, to hone students’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills, concepts are arranged and unfolded systematically using a structured approach that progresses with their cognitive levels. Abundant resources are provided to support the differentiated pathways and facilitate effective assessments for users of different needs.
Employing a structured and sound pedagogy, accompanied with hands-on and collaborative activities, it allows students to learn well and develop skills necessary for problem-solving. Through progressive approaches based upon what students have learnt previously before introducing the same topic in greater depth, students are able to bridge the learning between the different concepts learnt and transit with ease.
With the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) approach, teachers can employ this ubiquitous teaching strategy embedded in the series to guide students to construct meaning and understanding so as to uncover abstract mathematical concepts. Starting with an anchor task, teachers can follow up with providing scaffolding and feedback to help students develop fluency to transit between the various stages, gain confidence and become proficient in operating within a symbolic environment.


Rather than chopping up the different branches of science into different grade levels and books, a thematic approach is taken, where concepts from different areas of science, including life science, physical science, chemistry and physical science are all linked

English Reading & Grammar

Since Reading for Christian Schools series, which MSA is currently using, emphasizes comprehension and develops phonics systematically, it produces confident, eager readers who continue to read all their lives. These materials were designed not only to teach reading but also to encourage growth in Christian character. A variety of selections -family stories, adventures, Christian realism, historical fiction, Bible accounts retold, biographies, information articles, folktales, poems, and plays- offers delightful instruction, providing students with both pleasure and understanding.
Thie series teaches biblical principles and discernment for daily living, builds skills needed for lifelong learning, and fosters enjoyment and appreciation for reading and learning.


Employing the acclaimed Stave House Method for Kindergarten up to 3rd grade Elementary students, learning music becomes a lot of fun, as it explores unlimited imagination. As the result, we have students who unknowingly learn complex musical concepts through fun yet systematic, structured, and thorough activities.
For the 4th graders and above, their classes cover the following but not limited to: semibreve, time signature, fingering and hand position, musical alphabets, and chords.

Social Studies

By taking this class, students are expected to see the world from God’s perspective. Students will learn about being a child of God, feelings, family and how to live in this world. In addition, they will also learn about the history of Indonesia from Christian perspective, about the geography and history of Southeast Asia, and how to have positive impact on their community.

Bible Studies

By integrating an in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments, this class assists in the development of practical Christian living. The curriculum covers the themes of theology, the attributes of God, biblical literature, biblical geography, Christian growth, and Christian evidences, as well as a special emphasis for each grade level, ranging from how students should perceive themselves as God’s children, about how God loves them, and how they are special to how we learned from those who lived for God, what faith is, and what it means to be a believer.
Activities are designed so that students will then be able to tell others about Jesus. Included are Bible verses recitation and class discussions on various themes.
Students are also invited to examine the lives of others that God chose and used to bear witness of His goodness and faithfulness. Some people discussed here are: Abraham, David, Paul, John, in addition to some others, like Noah, Ruth, Hannah, Jonah, and Peter.
In our life, God works throughout people He has chosen and who are willing to do the work He set for them. Today, God can also develop students’ talents and use them to bring glory and honor to His Kingdom.

Bahasa Indonesia

Students are introduced to their mother tongue using different methods in a variety of topics, ranging from things about themselves, environment, art and culture, transportation, to technological advancement.
Activities for students include composing stories, making reports, analyzing and summarizing, and reviewing all material to better prepare them for the coming National Exam.

Morning Star

MSA is affiliated with American Montessori Society to further bolster our programs and commitment to raise and equip students with both hard and soft skills needed to thrive.

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